Charity Face Masks

Regular price £5.00

20% of sales on this batch of masks will be donated to the Belfast Trust

When lockdown is relaxed we are all going to have to take precautions to keep ourselves safe and healthy. I, for one, will most definitely be wearing a face mask whenever the time comes.

Our masks have been made from two layers of 100% cotton fabric, with elastic ear loops. We have fitted a nose wire along the top edge to ensure a snug fit to your face. On the reverse you will find a little opening where a medical filter can be fitted, if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one! In the meantime we can supply two additional squares of cotton fabric which can be inserted, giving you a total of four layers of cotton, and extra filtration. Our masks are fully washable and reusable. 

Please note that these masks will not prevent you from contracting or passing on the virus. You must continue to follow government health advice by washing your hands thoroughly and frequently.