Thank You Personalised Rainbow Hoop

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For all the parents and guardians who have been homeschooling during lockdown, I salute you! I think now, more than ever, we are all in awe of our school teachers and the incredible job they do. It is not a job, it is a vocation. I know it has not been easy for a lot of parents but with the continued support and guidance of teachers through this lockdown period, the children have learned so much more than basic eductional subjects and they'll have a great story to tell their own children and grandchildren in the future.

Our personalised and embroidered rainbow hoops are the perfect small gift for your amazing teacher or anyone who deserves a massive 'thank you'. They measure 8 inches in diameter and are made from 100% cotton canavas, hooped in a wooden frame. A satin ribbon has been attached for hanging. The rainbow has become the classic symbol of this unprecidented time but we've added silver lined clouds to ours. Afterall, every cloud has a silver lining.